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Accordion - Baker
Dr. Erich Baker started his education at the University of Notre Dame. He earned a B.A. in Political Science. He then continued his education receiving a M.S. in Biomedical Science from Barry University. Dr. Baker completed his education at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville where he earned his PhD in Comparative and Experimental Medicine.

Dr. Young-Rae Cho 2Before coming to Baylor, he was an instructor at the University of Tennessee. In 2002, he joined the Baylor Department of Computer Science as an assistant professor in Bioinformatics.

Dr. Young-Rae Cho, an Assistant Professor in Computer Science, holds a B.S. in Material Science and Engineering from Yonsei University (1989), a B.A. in Computer and Information Science from Ohio State University (2002), a M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois (2003) and a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from SUNY Buffalo in 2009.

About the Bioinformatics Program

Accordion - RachelAs a student studying bioinformatics at Baylor you will be exposed to an intellectually challenging curriculum that covers major portions of traditional computer science, molecular biology, genetics, and organic chemistry in context of Baylor's long-established liberal arts environment. Bioinformatics majors will also have the opportunity to participate in Baylor's active bioinformatics research program, enter into exciting summer internship programs, and contribute to the Christian vision by volunteering for Baylor's undergraduate bioinformatics club.

Rachel Adams, a graduated undergraduate Bioinformatics major, is pursuing her Ph.D. at the UT-ORNL Graduate School of Genome Science and Technology. At Baylor she discovered "the intersection of computer science, chemistry, the life sciences, statistics, and informatics through the bioinformatics major at Baylor, it seemed to be a fit for my academic interests. The knowledgeable and congenial faculty and excellent facilities were strong selling points as I made my decision to attend Baylor."

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What is BioInformatics?


Computational Science + Informatics + Gene & Gene Product Seq. & Structure Analysis + Life Science

Poster Computational Science Mathematics, Statistics, Algorithms, Computer Science, Modeling, Imaging, HPC

Informatics - Database Design, Web Interfaces, Data Warehousing, Distributed Systems, Security, Library Science

Gene & Gene Product Sequencing & Structure Analysis Genome sequencing, prediction and annotation, Genomics, Proteomics

Life Science Genetics, Physiology, Embryology, Immunology, Developmental biology, Medicine, Epidemiology, Pharmacology, Psychiatry, Veterinary Medicine, Ecology, Forensics, Anthropology, Agriculture