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Are you hungry for new knowledge? Worried about where to go, what to study, how to pay for it? Take a look at Baylor Computer Science. Our Master of Science degree program offers students hands-on training in software systems development, including working closely with a faculty member on a thesis or project. Some current work includes:
  • Probabilistic Routing in Bluetooth MANETs
  • GeneKeyDB
  • Machine learning for cancer detection
  • ICPC Contest Management System
More information about our Master of Science program is available online. The majority of our graduate students receive full-tuition scholarships, and many teaching and research assistantships are available that include stipends to cover living costs. More information about our scholarships and stipends is available online.

Getting Started

To get started, visit our How to Apply page and review the information above on our Master of Science program. When you are ready, you may apply online.