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The Master of Science program is designed to provide students with greater skills in software systems. In addition to at least 15 hours of graduate course work, the student is expected to complete a research project in the form of a thesis or a software program.Only students who are expected to complete the program are admitted with financial aid. Therefore, a complete evaluation is needed.

Thus the GRE General Test is required. A bachelor’s degree equivalent to the B.S. in computer
science at Baylor or the B.A. in computer science at Baylor with calculus II and linear
algebra is the standard requirement for admission. For those applying with less than the
standard preparation, the quality and adequacy of the admissions record will be evaluated
by the Graduate Affairs Committee of the Department of Computer Science after reviewing
the application for admission. Requirements which must be met before admission will be
determined by that committee. These requirements will be in addition to requirements for
the M.S. degree.

At least fifteen semester hours are required at the 5000 level excluding 5V92, 5V96,
and 5V99. All work presented to meet the requirements for this degree must be approved
by the student’s Advisory Committee or thesis Committee.

The Graduate Committee will appoint a graduate Advisory Committee for each student
to monitor the progress of the student. The Master of Science program in computer science
has two options, a thesis option and a project option.