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The list below contains the names of our faculty and their research interests. For more detailed information about their research and vitae, please use the links below.

Dr. Charles Baylis
RF/Microwave Active Circuit Design, Microwave, Microwave Transistor Modeling and Measurements

Dr. Liang Dong
Communication Systems, Wireless Networks, Digital Signal Processing, Cyber-Physical Systems, Microelectronics for Communications

Dr. W. Mack Grady
Electric Power and Renewable Energy

Dr. Ian Gravagne
Engineering applications of time-scale calculus Mechatronics,Continuum Robots, Mechanics and dynamics of large-deflection flexible elements, and Nonlinear control and vibration suppression

Dr. Jonathan Hu
Nanophotonics, metamaterials, Nonlinear optics, Photonic cyrstal fiber, mid-IR supercontinuum generation, and coherent optical communication, simulation, and modeling

Dr. Randall Jean
Microwave Applied Metrology: Blood Glucose Analysis and Pulp Stock Consistency Calibrator

Dr. Scott Koziol
Robotics, Embedded Systems, Analog and Digital Signal Processing, Neuromorphic engineering

Dr. Kwang Y. Lee
Control, operation, and planning of energy systems. Computational intelligence, intelligent control and their applications to energy and environmental systems. Modeling, simulation and control of renewable and distributed energy sources

Dr. Yang Li
Electromagnetic wave propagation and antenna radiation in complex media, Effective medium theory and homogenization techniques, Leaky-wave antenna analysis and design, Micro-Doppler radar

Dr. Robert J Marks II
Computational intelligence, swarm intelligence, image processing, and signal analysis

Mr. John Miller
Dynamic Equations on Time Scales, Small Scale Energy Systems, Appropriate Technology, Engineering Laboratory Skills Development

Dr. Keith Evan Schubert
Medical Imaging, Image Fusion, High Performance Scientific Computing, Cave Climate Modeling

Mr. Brian Thomas
Microwave/Radio Frequency Circuits, Bioinstrumentation, Appropriate Technology and Rural Electrification Schemes for Developing Countries

Dr. Mike Thompson
Signal processing and communications systems, Biomedical DSP

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