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Dr. William Anderson
High-Reynolds number turbulence, Large-eddy simulation, Boundary roughness effects and parameterization, Boundary-layer meteorology

Mr. Richard W. Campbell
Aircraft and Mechanical Structures, Aircraft Combat Survivability, Systems Engineering, Simulation and Modeling

Dr. Brian Garner
Development, validation, and scaling of musculoskeletal computer models; Computer simulation and visualization in Biomechanics; 3D Reconstruction from medical images; Coordinated control of multi-segment, rigid-body systems.

Dr. David Jack
Constitutive modeling of contemporary composite processes for products with discontinuous fiber reinforcements ranging from natural fibers to carbon nanotubes, rigid and flexible fiber suspension dynamics, conductivity analysis of carbon nanotube networks for high current applications, and non-destructive evaluation of composites using ultrasonic techniques

Dr. William Jordan
Engineering materials, mechanical behavior of materials, engineering ethics, appropriate technology, and engineering education

Dr. Stephen T. McClain
Gas Turbine Blade Aerodynamics and Cooling, Ice Accretion on Aircraft Surfaces, Energy Systems Design, Uncertainty Analysis, Experimental Techniques, Undergraduate Laboratory Education

Dr. Byron Newberry
Engineering materials, materials testing, and design

Dr. Carolyn Skurla
Biomaterials and Biomechanics, Mechanical Testing of Engineering and Biological Materials, Total Joint Replacements, and Animal Models

Dr. Kenneth Van Treuren
Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, and Propulsion Systems

Dr. Lesley Wright
Gas Turbine Heat Transfer & Cooling