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Why graduate studies in engineering?
"Today, engineers must keep up with emerging technologies and understand the financial and strategic impact of their decisions. When designing parts or systems, you may face questions from marketing, accounting, and other departments. An advanced degree can put you on more equal footing with them™" [1]

Does the level of education matter?
"You bet it does. ... Increased education in the engineering field results in higher earnings. Full-time salaried respondents holding doctoral degrees in engineering have a median income of $110,000. Those with an M.S. in engineering earn a median of $92,000. Finally, those with a B.S. in engineering earn a median income of $82,712. Those holding a doctorate in engineering earn a median 33% more than those with a B.S. in engineering. Full-time salaried survey respondents holding an M.B.A. or an M.B.A. and an M.A. or M.S. have higher median incomes than those holding an M.S. in engineering." [2]

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