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How we are different?

Here is how we are different. While maintaining the rigorous high standards characteristic of top research institutions, we emphasize quality teaching and a high level of interaction among our faculty and students. In concert with Baylor 2012 and the Christian world view, we also offer unique research opportunities in areas such as appropriate technology for developing countries and biomedical engineering. If cutting edge research and fulfilling career preparation are your goals, you should come to Baylor.

Baylor 2012

Baylor 2012 was a big drawing card for Dr. Carolyn Skurla. As a child, she attended a private Catholic school in Houston and learned to treat others religious traditions with great respect.

"When I came here and interviewed, I was delighted to find that same tolerance of other views and the ability to discuss differences of opinion in a calm, forthright and respectful manner. There are people who are are coming to Baylor because of that. When you talk to students about ethics, you have the freedom to openly discuss the fact that your religious beliefs are a basis for your ethics in the workplace."