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Joint Degree - Master of Engineering/Master of Business Administration
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Students interested in a career requiring complementary skills in both business and engineering may complete the Master of Engineering and MBA degrees concurrently. Electives in the engineering program substitute for electives in the MBA program, and business electives substitute for electives in the Master of Engineering program. Students should consult with advisors in both engineering and business to determine the best sequence of courses.

Gary R. Carini, Associate Dean for Graduate Business Programs

Mike Thompson, Graduate Director in Engineering

Master of Engineering


Students must apply and be accepted separately into both programs. Prospective students will be required to submit results from both the GMAT and GRE in accordance with the current application procedures for the Department of Engineering and Hankamer School of Business. Both schools adhere to policies and procedures of the Baylor Graduate School.


Candidates for the joint Master of Engineering/MBA degree must complete all degree requirements for the MBA and the Master of Engineering. By proper selection of electives it may be possible to reduce the requirements of the joint degree by up to 21 hours compared to the normal requirements of the two degrees completed separately. This efficiency is achieved by proper selection of business electives for the 15 business course credits allowed for the Master of Engineering program and by a six-credit reduction of the MBA elective requirements by 6 hours reflecting recognition of the additional graduate work in completing the Master of Engineering. Since both degrees are awarded simultaneously, all requirements in both programs must be completed in order to receive either degree. Students are encouraged to contact appropriate advisors in each program for further details.

A novel option in the Master of Engineering portion of the program is the opportunity for students to choose an engineering project whose purpose is to develop and implement some appropriate technology for a third-world country or for the inner-city areas in the USA. Students interested in this novel educational opportunity may take several business courses in the area of entrepreneurship. Successful development and implementation of appropriate technology for third-world countries or, in some cases, similar projects that may be initiated for inner-city areas in the United States, will require a blending of the disciplines of engineering and entrepreneurship.

Projects may also include mission trips to visit the appropriate third-world countries ensuring that the needs assessment is correctly done and the local constraints on the type of technology that can be utilized are fully understood. Program options include innovation, product development, design, manufacturing, entrepreneurship and commercialization.

Master of Engineering