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Bone Biomechanics Research
In collaboration with researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center, we are studying the effects of different drug treatments and/or different phenotypes on the mechanical properties of bones in a mouse animal model for osteoporosis. In a different project in collaboration with researchers in Baylor's Forensic Sciences program, we are studying the effects of different degradation conditions on the mechanical properties of long bones in sheep.

Geometric & Graphical Modeling of Non-rigid Materials
Modeling and visualizing morphological changes of non-rigid materials during simulated motion (e.g., muscles wrapping around underlying anatomical structures during joint movement).

Mechanical Systems Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization
Developing models and applying computational methods and tools for the simulation of mechanical (including biomechanical) systems.

Microwave Applied Metrology
Our research in microwave applied metrology focuses on the use of low level microwave signals and ultra wideband pulses of energy to measure the electromagnetic properties of materials and relates these measurements to biomedical and industrial sensing problems.

Total Joint Replacement Research
In collaboration with orthopaedic surgeons at Scott & White Hospital in Temple, TX, we are mechanically testing different total knee replacement designs in order to compare the effects of different designs and attachments methods on initial implant stability of the tibial component of the total knee replacement.