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Alternative Fuel Research
Dr. Walter Bradley, Baylor Distinguished Professor, is working with Dr. John Pumwa of Papua New Guinea in using coconut oil for diesel fuel. Pumwa, deputy head of the department of mechanical engineering at Papua New Guinea University of Technology, completed doctoral work in mechanical engineering at Texas A&M University in 1997. He is the son of early converts of Papua New Guinea's first Australian Baptist missionaries. He credits his Christian lifestyle as the influence that enabled him to become the first Papua New Guinean to earn a doctorate in an engineering field.

Blood Glucose Analysis
Sugar content strongly affects the complex electrical permittivity of blood. This project is part of the Microwave Applied Metrology Research.

Complex plasma physics
In collaboration with the theory group of CASPER, we are building a model to study the dust-plasma interactions including dynamic grain charging model in plasma and a model for the plasma sheath.

Control Strategies for Coordinated, Multi-segmented Motion
Exploring techniques, such as combining optimization, neural networks, and pid control strategies to automate control of coordinated motion in multi-segmented systems (e.g. mobile robots, animals, humans).

Electrification Schemes for Developing Countries
Mr. Thomas is keenly interested in developing simple, low cost, technologically appropriate ways to provide lighting to the poor of developing countries. Much of the world's rural population have no access to grid-based power, and are forced to burn wood in their homes for light and cooking.

Exercise Equipment
Curves International is the parent company for the "Curves for Women" exercise franchises seen in every state and all over the world. As with any highly successful business endeavor, the company and its founder/CEO Gary Heavin recognize that continued success depends on innovation.

Geometric & Graphical Modeling of Non-rigid Materials
Modeling and visualizing morphological changes of non-rigid materials during simulated motion (e.g., muscles wrapping around underlying anatomical structures during joint movement).

Image Analysis and 3D Reconstruction
Developing algorithms and tools for high-quality analysis, 3D reconstruction, and refinement (e.g., smoothing, decimation, etc.) of surface-models from layered sets of 2D images such as MRI, CT, and other medical images.

Mechanical Systems Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization
Developing models and applying computational methods and tools for the simulation of mechanical (including biomechanical) systems.

Oral History of Engineering Education
Recording and analyzing the experiences of retired engineering faculty, those who helped shape engineering education in the latter third of the 20th century.

Philosophy of Engineering
Analyzing the objectives of, and values embedded in, engineering design and other types of engineering activity, and evaluating how these might affect the impact of engineering and technology on society.

Time Transit Tomography
Allan M. Cormack and Godfrey N. Hounsfield were recipients of the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their independent inventions of computer tomography - a procedure whereby objects are reconstructed from their projections.