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The School of Engineering and Computer Science of Baylor University offers nationally recognized programs of study in engineering (with majors in electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and engineering) and computer science (B.S., B.A. and bioinformatics options). Within this web site, useful information is available for students before they apply to Baylor, during the application process, and as one pursues a Baylor Engineering or Computer Science education

Enrollment in Baylor engineering and computer science programs has experienced rapid growth over the past several years, including over 7 percent growth in the past year. For current enrollment and graduation totals for each of the programs within the School of Engineering and Computer Science, please click here.

Many engineering and computer science students are interested in subject areas like math and science, have a natural curiosity, and enjoy experimenting with the latest technological gadgets, like computers. These are some of the traits engineers and computer scientists use in their everyday professions. Of course there are other talents that are needed, like good communication and interpersonal skills, and that is why we emphasize these abilities so heavily at Baylor. Approximately 950 students are currently studying engineering or computer science at Baylor.

Baylor engineering and computer science graduates are among the most sought after. The alumni have distinguished themselves within many high-tech and high-profile companies, including Raytheon, Dell, Accenture Consulting, Ernst & Young, Westinghouse, Compaq, General Electric, Northrop Grumman, Shell, Chrysler, Lockheed, Federal Express, AT&T, Texas Instruments, Unisys, Trane, Southwestern Bell, Exxon/Mobil, Texas Utilities, Motorola, and many others.