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ECS Spring 2014 Meeting Date
Friday, April 11, 2014

Recognizing the school's need to establish strong ties with industrial and corporate constituents, the ECS Advisory Board was established in 1997. Renamed in 2001, the ECS Board of Advocates appraises the school on the educational and employee needs and priorities of the industrial/corporate/government sector and on how concerns can be addressed in the context of the School's and University's missions, and suggests courses of action. The purpose of the board is to support the Baylor engineering and computer science programs to produce superior graduates in a Faith Based-Christian-Educational Environment and ensure the success of the Baylor School of Engineering and Computer Science. The board convenes one-day meetings twice annually. In fulfilling its mission, the ECS Advocate Board will:

• Recommend programs and activities for engineering and computer science related education.
• Counsel the school on matters pertaining to education, research, scholarship and service;
• Serve as an ambassador for and promote the school and the university;
• Assist with the recruitment and placement of students; and
• Support the fundraising and advancement campaigns of the school.

Members of the ECS Board of Advocates hold high-level positions in corporate, industrial, research, government or educational institutions. Each has indicated their willingness and availability to voluntarily assist the school and the board to execute their missions. All members of the ECS Advisory Board support the mission of the school and embrace its Christian character. The size of the ECS Advisory Board is limited to approximately twenty members.