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Scholars Day Showcases Important Research

Jan. 30, 2007

The School of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) hosted its annual Scholars Day on Friday, January 26, 2007. The event provided an opportunity for faculty, staff, and students give public presentations on current research projects. Special guests in the audience included prospective students participating in the ECS Academy and Baylor Winter Premier.

Stanton Greer, a graduate engineering student, gave a presentation entitled "Converting Coconuts into Value-Added Products: Technology & Franchising." Mr. Greer discussed the feasibility of converting the shell of the coconut into particle board. In areas where coconuts are prevalent, particle board may be produced at a much lower cost. He demonstrated pieces of particle board made from coconuts that were of higher quality than regular commercial board, and he discussed the feasibility of board being produced in developing countries.

Additionally, Chris Hurst and Cody Cruthirds, engineering graduate students, discussed uses for coconut oil. They described the health benefits and processing techniques of various types of coconut oils, including virgin and extra-virgin grades of the oils. Their research will continue as they perform additional market demand forecasts and research regulations and certifications. One idea is to micro-franchise coconut oil production to developing countries where coconuts grow in abundance.

There were presentations from faculty members who discussed topics ranging from modeling and managing enrollment in the School of Engineering and Computer Science to tools for learning through gaming. Students gave presentations on a variety of topics including "Biomechanics of Karate: Measuring Impact Force in Shotokan Karate Strikes," "Stability of Implants in Total Knee Replacement Surgery," "Achieving Path Diversity in Autonomous System Level IP Multicast," and "Schematic Capture for X Windows."