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Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office works with each student to determine the best way to pay for his/her education. Financial aid may come in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study programs. The School of Engineering and Computer Science, which includes Bioinformatics, often hires student workers. If the Financial Aid Office decides you qualify for a work-study program, feel free to call the Department of Computer Science at (254)710-3876 to check on any available jobs. However, a job is not guaranteed within our school, so also check into other positions.

Freshman and transfer applicants are automatically considered for scholarships by Baylor once they have been accepted. Students will receive notification of merit scholarship awards at the time of admission. There are other outside and Baylor University scholarships that prospective students can apply for.

Students are also encouraged to apply to the Department of Computer Science and Bioinformatics for a scholarship. Each year, many scholarships are awarded. Because of the numbers of scholarships given, the majority of applicants usually receive a scholarship.