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Divya Mistry, 2007 Graduate

Divya Mistry was an undergraduate Bioinformatics major at Baylor University in 2007. After completing the program, Divya applied to and is pursuing his Ph.D. at Iowa State University in Bioinformatics. Divya considers "Bioinformatics is an exciting field offering numerous, exciting opportunities for graduates."

Read below and find out why Divya came to Baylor and his thoughts on Bioinformatics.

Bioinformatics is a breakthrough science.

Bioinformatics is a breakthrough science. It allows us to quantify biological information using mathematics, statistics, computer science, and gene/genome analysis.

I was in search for a "perfect" major. A major that would focus on a very specific area of science, yet keep my doors open for other scientific fields if I chose to change my goals at a later date. I used to be an applied mathematics major due to my desire to apply quantifiable measures to things that seemed indiscreet. During my second year into college I realized that some of the most interesting applications of mathematics are in computational theory. Just out of curiosity when I started taking computer science courses, I came across human genome project and role of computer programs in that endeavor. While I was taking my second computer science course, someone very dear to me passed away from an undiagnosed illness. This triggered my interest in unidentified qualities of biology and medical science. At Baylor, bioinformatics seemed to be the perfect match for my college career. It taught me science that was geared toward achieving a specific goal, yet its diverse course work gave me enough flexibility to do further studies in numerous other sciences if I chose to do so.

Why the Baylor Bioinformatics program?

During my second year in De Anza College (a community college) I had started applying for transfer to a four year university. There were very few universities that offered bioinformatics as an undergraduate course at that point. After getting accepted in some prestigious universities in my alternative majors, I visited Baylor and fell in love with the campus and the community. Also, Baylor provided me some scholarship and with that Baylor became one of my most economical options.

Bioinformatics - The possibilities are endless.

If you desire to do medical research, bioinformatics can provide an invaluable base. Since there is a movement to quantify all of biological information, it is hard to imagine biological or medical research without bioinformatics.

If you are (or wish to be) creative enough to make sense out of seemingly unrelated pieces of information, bioinformatics is for you. Bioinformatics is very much like jigsaw puzzle. The pieces do not make sense until they are all put together.

If you see yourself contributing to a still-maturing science, bioinformatics is for you. Bioinformatics is a relatively young field of science, and although it has shown revolutionary results, we have barely scratched the surface. The possibilities are endless.

Great opportunities await!

Bioinformatics degree at Baylor will prepare you to pick a computer programmer's job if you desire. If your interest lies in biology or molecular genetics, this degree will prepare you for further studies in that, too. If your interest is in professional degree, such as medical doctor, you can't ask for a better program than this. If you desire to stay in academia or do research in this field, you'll have option to do graduate, post-graduate, and doctorate studies in this field as well. There is a lot of room to do influential work.