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Whitney Smith, 2007 Graduate

Whitney Smith was an undergraduate Bioinformatics major at Baylor University in 2007, and is currently working on a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Kansas State. Read below and find out why Whitney came to Baylor and her thoughts on Bioinformatics.

Why Baylor Bioinformatics?

I decided to make Bioinformatics my major the summer before I came to Baylor. Until then, I was unsure of what I wanted to do. I only knew that I wanted to study something related to science. It was then that I looked through the course catalog and found Bioinformatics. The combination of the two disciplines seemed like a great choice for me.

I selected the Bioinformatics program based upon the course selections that are offered. I was offered some scholarships from other universities, but visiting Baylor really made an impact on me. The campus atmosphere was warm and inviting. I also thought that the important emphasis placed upon learning was a great fit for me.

Creativity and Solving New Problems

Those who should consider Bioinformatics are people who are hard-workers who are interested in solving new problems. I think the person should be able to be self-motivated and be able to think of more than one way to solve a problem. Creativity would be a plus. Also, an interest in biology or computer science would help.

You do not need either a computer science or science background. Any experience does help. An interest in math can also lead to a major in bioinformatics. As long as a person has initiative and is a hard-worker he or she could choose Bioinformatics.

Job Opportunities

There are tons of opportunities available to a bioinformatics student!

The job market is really great for Bioinformatics majors after graduation. Graduates can have the option to either stick with computer science, biology, or bioinformatics. A student could also pursue a career in pharmaceuticals if they were interested. Also, a number of opportunities await those students looking to continue studying after getting their undergraduate degree. A pre-med emphasis works well with a bioinformatics major. A number of graduate programs would be open for Bioinformatics major. Any biology or computer science paths would be open for the student. Also, the student could pursue a graduate degree in bioinformatics.