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Rachel Adams, 2007 Graduate

Rachel Adams was an undergraduate Bioinformatics major at Baylor University in 2007. After completing the program, Rachel applied to and is pursuing her Ph.D. at the UT-ORNL Graduate School of Genome Science and Technology.

Read below and find out why Rachel came to Baylor and her thoughts on Bioinformatics.

Career Evolving

Bioinformatics is a career evolving as fast as the leading-edge technology fueling its research. In an effort to communicate the new findings and spread the word about the latest research, it is becoming ever more necessary to have effective technical writing skills in this field.

Bioinformatics is a specialized field in the area of biotechnology that involves the integration of four emerging fields of science: informatics, computational science, gene and gene product sequencing and structural analysis, and life science. Bioinformatics applies computational techniques to understand and organize the information associated with biological macromolecules.

Choosing Baylor and Bioinformatics

In high school, I found I had a great affinity for working with computers but wanted to pursue a computer science major that had a specific application. I was also drawn to the molecular genetics aspects of my chemistry courses.

When I discovered the intersection of computer science, chemistry, the life sciences, statistics, and informatics through the bioinformatics major at Baylor, it seemed to be a fit for my academic interests. The knowledgeable and congenial faculty and excellent facilities were strong selling points as I made my decision to attend Baylor.

Anyone who is interested in the multidisciplinary aspect of this major should explore bioinformatics. The broad scope of the early coursework could help a student discover a specialized area of interest, such as molecular genetics, or lead to further pursuits in either medical fields or computer science.

Growing Job Market

Bioinformatics majors will mostly likely find careers in the growing research sector of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, developing computation tools that will allow researchers and scientists to analyze molecular structures, DNA, and proteins sequences in order to address and solve biologically relevant questions. Bioinformatics also offers a great foundation as a pre-med major.