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Gaming Course Descriptions


CSI 1337 Introduction to Video Game Design

**New course starting Fall 2016**

This course will introduce students to the theory and application of video game design. Students will work in teams to create video games in a game development engine. The students will also learn theory behind good game design, including the use of game rules to enhance gameplay, the creation of virtual worlds, and the use of games as a social experience. No prior programming experience is required.

CSI 4341 Computer Graphics

Prerequisite(s): CSI 3334 and 3336.

Introduction to graphic representation and display of information and objects by computer. Topics include hardware display technology and algorithms for two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics. The Graphical Kernel System (GKS) will be the graphic system model used for programming assignments. (Fee)

CSI 4342 Gaming Platform Frameworks

Prerequisite(s): 4341

Game Framework Design and Development. An introduction to game development platforms. Topics include: Game design principles, project management, game-related algorithms/mathematics, game physics, game audio/video, AI, development tools, and real-time systems.

CSI 43C8 Gaming Capstone Design Project

Prerequisite(s): CSI 3372, CSI 4321, CSI 4337, CSI 4342, Senior Standing

A semester long project course in which students will create a gaming system. The project requires applying information technology according to established design management practices, including technical presentations (oral and written) by all students.

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FDM 1304 Visual Literacy: Sight, Sound, Motion

Examines how pictures, sounds, and motions communicate sense and meaning in contemporary media. Considers the major aesthetic image elements – light, color, space, time, motion, and sound – and how they are used in film, video, and computer media.

FDM 3361 Production Methods II

Prerequisite(s): FDM 2360

Further development of the technical abilities and conceptual approaches to single-camera and multiple-camera digital media production introduced in FDM 2360, Production Methods. Lab fee required. FDM 2360 can be substituted for FDM 3361

FDM 4313 Diffusion of Innovations

Prerequisite(s): Upper-level standing or consent of instructor.

An introduction to old and emerging theories which explain the spread of innovative ideas and technologies among members of a society, emphasizing the role of communication processes and the special problems for diffusion in communication technology.

FDM 4364 Interative Media

**Course will be replaced by CSI 1337 in Fall 2016**

Prerequisite(s): FDM 3361 or consent of instructor.

Interactive media elements and authoring systems, emphasizing the integration of computer technology in the development of interactive media messages.