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Software Engineering Course Description

CSI 3371 Software Engineering I

Prerequisite(s): CSI 3334

Modeling, Design, and Testing. An introduction to object-oriented software development process and design. Topics include: iterative development, interpretation of requirements and use case documents into code; application of design notation in UML; and use of commonly-used design patterns. Introduction to second object-oriented programming language. Laboratory experiments and examples will be used to illustrate and reinforce concepts taught in the lectures.

CSI 3372 Software Engineering II

Prerequisite(s): CSI 3471

Analysis, Design, Project Management. Applying a development design process to produce high quality software. Topics include: identifying user requirements; performing problem analysis to produce process oriented documentation; using UML notation to create design models and diagrams; investigating and applying design patterns, project management; configuration management. Completing software projects applying development processes using an object-oriented language.

CSI 3373 Software Quality Assurance and Testing

Prerequisite(s): CSI 3372 or concurrent enrollment

Quality, how to assure it and how to verify that it exists; the need for a culture of quality; how to avoid errors; inspections and reviews; verification versus validation; testing verification and validation techniques; process assurance and product assurance; quality process standards; faults; problem analysis and reporting; statistical approaches to quality control.

CSI 3374 Software Project Management

Prerequisite(s): CSI 3372 or concurrent enrollment

Project planning, cost estimation and scheduling; project management tools; factors influencing productivity and success; productivity metrics; analysis of options and risks; planning for change; management of expectations; release and configuration management; software process standards and process implementation; software contracts and intellectual property.

CSI 43C9 Capstone Design Project

Prerequisite(s): Senior standing and CSI 3335, 3372, 4321, and 4337.

A semester-long project course in which students will create a computing system. The project requires applying information technology according to established design management practices, including technical presentations (oral and written) by all students.

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Other Related Required Courses

ECO 3308 Engineering Economic Analysis

Designed to provide an economic foundation for engineering decisions. The course stresses methods for making optimum choices among engineering alternatives. Topics include cash flow and present value analysis; break-even analysis; the impact of taxes and inflation on investment decisions; methods for assigning costs; the treatment of risk in decision making; and capital budgeting.

PHY 1420 General Physics I

Prerequisite(s): MTH 1321 or concurrent enrollment.

Principals and applications of mechanics, wave motion, sound, and heat with emphasis on fundamental concepts, problem solving, notation, and units.

PHY 1430 General Physics II

Prerequisite(s): PHY 1408 or 1420: and MTH 1322 or concurrent enrollment.

Principals and applications of electricity, magnetism, light, and modern physics with emphasis on fundamental concepts, problem solving, notation, and units.