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Financial Aid
The Department of Computer Science is happy to offer the majority of its graduate students full tuition scholarships. The scholarships are based on undergraduate GPA and GRE scores. As long as a student maintains high academic performance, the scholarship will be good for two years. As a graduate student, all you will have to pay for is fees and books. You do not need to apply for the scholarship; each student is automatically considered when he/she applies to be accepted to the program. Once you apply to the program and are accepted, you will also receive a letter stating if you have been awarded a scholarship.

Along with a scholarship, stipends are also given to graduate students. The stipend amount varies from semester to semester, but is enough to cover living expenses so that the student can focus on earning his/her degree. Just like the scholarship, the stipend is good for two years as long as the student maintains academic standards. The money for the stipend will be earned from working for the department 20 hours a week. Students often work as teaching assistants, usually grading and running labs. Some students work for the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). These graduate jobs provide great experiences for our students. Previous graduate students working for ICPC have traveled with the contest. Once students have narrowed down their research interest and picked a thesis or project advisor, that professor may decide to award the student a research assistantship. Also just like the scholarship, stipends and working assignments are made when a student is accepted. Prospective students do not need to apply for a stipend.

Prospective students that already have a job that they do not wish to leave do not have to take a stipend. For students in this situation, they can take the full scholarship if one is offered. In some circumstances, because students who work cannot attend full-time, the scholarship can be awarded for more than two years because the student will be on a slower graduation track. We have students on this track, but we strongly encourage the two year, full-time track.

For any questions concerning scholarships and stipends, please contact the Department of Computer Science at (254)710-3876.