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How to Apply


Steps to apply at Baylor CSI

  1. Take this quick test to see if you qualify.
    This quick test gives you a rough idea of how your background and test scores compare against a typical student in our program.
    We do expect successful applicants to have the equivalent training of a BS degree in computer science from Baylor University. In particular, that means knowledge of fundamental theory(math, algorithms, data structures), computer systems(operating systems, network, databases), software engineering, as well as programming.
  2. Begin the Applications Process with the Graduate School
    Please use the online application form with Baylor's graduate school to start your application.
  3. Take the GRE
    The GRE General Test is required for admission to our program, but the Computer Science subject test is not required. We do not advertise minimum GRE score requirements for our program, but you can take the quick test to see what your scores and computer science background indicate about chances of success in our program.
  4. Obtain Letters of Recommendation
    As soon as possible, you should make arrangements with three or more individuals who are willing to provide letters of recommendation on your behalf. You will want to make sure at least two of these recommenders are qualified to comment on your strengths in areas relevant to computer science. It is also important to seek recommendations from individuals who can make specific comments about evidence of your potential to conduct independent research. The online application process will require you to give contact information for three recommenders. These individuals will be contacted automatically.
  5. Complete the application by the Deadline
    The application deadlines for financial aid are February 15 for the fall semester and October 1 for the spring semester. We do not run a regular admission cycle for the summer semester.
  6. Secure and send Official Transcripts
    The transcript tells us what courses you have completed. It must be official, with the appropriate signatures and/or seals to indicate that it is authentic. The graduate school requires transcripts from each university that you have attended, whether as an undergraduate or a graduate student.
  7. Pay the application fee
    The fee is non-refundable and can be paid in check, money order, Visa or MasterCard.
  8. Complete the health record
    If you are admitted and you choose to come to Baylor, you will not be allowed to register for classes until your health record has been received and approved by Baylor University Health Center. You will receive information about this with your acceptance materials.

If you are an International Student, your application materials will probably need to include a TOEFL score:

  • Take the TOEFL Test
    Baylor's Graduate School has minimum TOEFL score requirements. The TOEFL is not required if you already have a degree from a higher education institute in the United States.

After being accepted International Students must complete a few additional steps before they will be able to study at Baylor.

  • Obtain an I-20
    To study in the United States, you will need to complete a Form I-20 to obtain a obtain the F-1 (student) visa. Baylor's Center for International Education will assist in processing your I-20 if you are admitted to the program.
  • Fill the Confirmation of Financial Resources Form
    This form will enable you to apply for financial aid!
  • Acquire a Health Insurance Policy
    International students are required to have health insurance. You may either obtain insurance through Baylor or demonstrate that you have comparable coverage through another provider. Information is available through the Health Insurance and Medicine page at Baylor's Center for International Education.