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Dr. Ian Gravagne

Dr. Ian Gravagne

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ECE Graduate Director
Learn more about the exam policy for the Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Students with appropriate undergraduate engineering degrees may apply for Baylor's Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering (M.S.E.C.E.) program. The M.S.E.C.E. is a 30 semester-hour graduate program comprising 24 hours of graduate course work and a 6-hour research-oriented thesis. Prospective students are invited to review the research project areas in which our faculty and students are active.


All applicants accepted into the ECE doctoral program must have received a Bachelor of Science or Master of Science degree in electrical or computer engineering, or closely related fields such as computer science, mechanical engineering, mathematics or the physical sciences. The GRE exam is required of all applicants. The program requirements include a minimum of 60 semester hours of approved coursework and research hours beyond the bachelor's degree.

Engineering is inherently cross-disciplinary; students may select courses from non-ECE disciplines to broaden their understanding of particular application or knowledge domains. Supportive graduate course hours outside of ECE can be selected from mechanical or biomedical engineering, computer science, mathematics, statistics, the physical sciences, the social sciences, education or business. Engineering is also a value-based discipline that benefits from Christian worldview and faith perspectives; students can also select supportive courses from religion, theology or philosophy. Course selection is broadly specified to provide flexibility and to accommodate a wide-range of student interest. The selection of specific courses must be approved by the student's graduate committee.

Students with a master's degree in a field other than electrical or computer engineering (or an equivalent) will be able to enter the ECE doctoral program. Each such student will be required to pass preliminary exams in appropriate areas or sub-disciplines of electrical or computer engineering and one sub-discipline or area of their background field.

JOINT DEGREE PROGRAMS (B.S./M.S.; Undergraduate/Graduate)

Baylor undergraduate ECE students may consider the joint bachelors/masters degree programs in which their B.S. in E.C.E program can be coupled with the M.S. in E.C.E program with some saving of credit hours over the separate program requirements.

  • B.S. in E.C.E. with the M.S. in E.C.E.
  • B.S. in E.C.E. with M.E. (Master of Engineering)
  • B.S. in E.C.E. with the M.S. in Biomedical Engineering

Approval is required before taking any courses for joint-degree credit. For more information, please contact Dr. Ian Gravagne.