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Joint Programs B.S. & M.S.

Students who are near completion of their undergraduate engineering degree at Baylor University may enter one of the Department's joint degree programs in which, by proper planning, up to six units of graduate credit may be used toward the degree requirements of both the bachelor's and the master's degrees. These eight joint degree programs are:

  • B.S.E.C.E./M.S.E.C.E.
  • B.S.E.C.E./M.S.B.M.E.
  • B.S.E.C.E./M.E.
  • B.S.M.E./M.S.M.E.
  • B.S.M.E./M.S.B.M.E.
  • B.S.M.E./M.E.
  • B.S.E./M.S.B.M.E.
  • B.S.E./M.E.

The Master of Science Degrees require:

  • 24 semester hours of Course Work
  • 6 hours of Thesis (discovery oriented)

The Master of Engineering Degree requires:

  • 27-30 semester hours of Course Work
  • 3-6 hours for Project (engineering applications oriented)