GeoPetro Engineering

Students with an interest in the upstream exploration of the oil-and-gas industry can select the GeoPetro concentration that provides graduates with a core degree in engineering coupled with relevant courses in the Department of Geology. The industry demand for engineers continues to grow as new developments and technologies stimulate the petroleum production industry. Students that select the GeoPetro concentration will take all of the required courses for a BSE along with the following electives:

Engineering Electives

  • ME 3320: Strength of Materials
  • ELC 4351: Digital Signal Processing
  • ME 3321: Fluid Mechanics
  • GEO 4V90: Numerical Modeling OR GEO 4459: Engineering Geology

Concentration Electives

  • GEO 1405: The Dynamic Earth
  • GEO 1406: Earth Through Time
  • GEO 3442: Field Stratigraphy-Sedimentology
  • GEO 3445: Structural Geology
  • GEO 4458: Geophysical Exploration II OR GEO 4465: Petroleum Geology OR GEO 4361: Concepts of Petroleum Geoscience