Environmental Engineering

Environmental issues related to population expansion and complex industrialization systems create new challenges throughout the world. The environmental concentration within the School of Engineering & Computer Science combines the instruction of engineering and environmental science to help protect public health by proving a clean water supply, safe waste disposal, and control of air pollution. Students that select the environmental degree concentration will take all of the required courses for a BSE along with the following electives:

Engineering Electives:
ME 3345: Advanced Thermodynamics
ELC 3314: Electronics Design
ME 3321: Fluid Dynamics
ME 4345: Heat Transfer

Concentration Electives:
ENV 1101: Intro Environmental Analysis
ENV 1301: Exploring Environmental Issues
CHE 1302: Modern Chemistry II
ENV 3316: Intro Air Quality
ENV 3216: Air Quality Lab
ENV 3387: Environmental Chemistry
ENV 4354: Water Treatment