Humanitarian Engineering

Baylor’s distinct Christian foundation provides students with an opportunity to blend a sound technical education in engineering with a desire to serve others by directing resources and technology to meet the basic needs of the poor. The humanitarian engineering concentration prepares graduates to serve in a variety of international relief, development, and/or missions organizations. Students that select the human engineering concentration will take all of the required courses for a BSE along with the following electives:

Engineering Electives:
EGR 33XX: ELC/ME/EGR Elective 1
EGR 33XX: ELC/ME/EGR Elective
EGR 43XX: ELC/ME/EGR Elective 3
EGR 43XX: ELC/ME/EGR Elective 4

Concentration Electives:
People-PSC/AST 3314 or REL 3345 or ENV 4350
Economics-MGT 4345 or ECO 3355
Development-EGR 3315 or REL 4340
Energy-ELC/ME 4377 or ENV 4365
Food/Water-ENV 3333, 4345 or 4310
EGR 33XX: International Experience