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Frequently Asked Questions for Current Students


How does advising work in the School of Engineering & Comptuer Science?

All ECS students are assigned to an advisor according to last name and admit term. Your assigned advisor will reach out to you to schedule an advising appointment sometime between registrations begins for the following semester. You can find out more about the advising process and other methods of contacting your advisor HERE.


Am I required to meet with an advisor after my freshman year?

Yes. All ECS students must be advised before registering for courses each semester. This is to ensure that you stay on track with your degree.


How do I change my major to one offered in the School of Engineering & Computer Science?

Students wishing to change their major to Pre-Engineering, Computer Science, or Bioinformatics, can submit the request through Bearweb (Student Academic Services > Student Records > Change of Major Request Form). The ECS Director of Advising will be in touch with you to discuss the request.


How do I change my major to one outside of the School of Engineering & Computer Science?

Students can submit the request through Bearweb (Student Academic Services > Student Records > Change of Major Request Form). Please discuss this with your ECS advisor so that we can ensure you have a smooth transition out of the major.


What is a petition and how do I get one approved?

A petition is a special request that requires Department and Dean approval. Petitions can be submitted to request that one course fulfill the requirement for another, to retake a course in which a "C" was earned, to add a class past the deadline, or for a number of other reasons. Petitions are initiated by the student by consulting with their academic advisor, then evaluated by the Department Chair and Dean's office before going to Office of the Registrar to be recorded. Students can check with their advisor to see where a petition is in the approval process.


How do I know which transfer courses will be accepted to Baylor post-matriculation?

Access Baylor's Equivalent Course Tool to see courses that are pre-approved to transfer to Baylor. If a specific college or course is not listed, you will need to complete an Equivalent Course Request (ECR) through the Transfer Credit website before registering for the course. (Be aware of ECR deadlines for each term!) Also, be sure to read ALL of Baylor's Transfer Credit Policies so that transferring in courses in a smooth and stress-free process.


Can I take courses at another college while enrolled at Baylor?

No, this is called concurrent enrollment and is against Baylor policy. Be sure to read Baylor's Transfer Credit Policies so that transferring in courses is a smooth and stress-free process.


What happens if I am on Academic Probation or Academic Suspension?

Students who make below a 2.0 GPA during any fall, spring, or summer term will be on Academic Probation. If the student makes below a 2.0 GPA for a second term - does not have to be consecutive terms - the student will be up for Academic Suspension. For both of these academic actions, students will receive a letter from Dr. Michael Thompson (ECS Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs) notifying them of their probation or suspension status.


Can I study abroad as an engineering or computer science major?

Yes! There are several opportunities available for ECS students who wish to spend a semester or summer abroad. The majority of these options will not delay graduation and can often cost less than spending the semseter at Baylor. Most students study abroad after their sophomore or junior year, but talk to your advisor early if you're interested in this to make sure it is being considered in your 4-year plan. If you are interested, your first action step is to attend an information session through the Study Abroad office. Find more information HERE.


Can I take more than 18 hours per semester?

To be eligible for an overload, a student's overall GPA must be 3.0 or better, and their previous term GPA must be 3.25 or better. To get an overload approved, fill out a Registration Petition and deliver it to the Director of Advising, Ida Jamshidi, in Cashion 307.


If I fail a class at Baylor, can I just retake it somewhere else?

No. Baylor's policy states that if you need to retake a 'D' or 'F' that was earned in a course at Baylor, it must be repeated at Baylor before a course is taken for which the course in question is a prerequisite. The course cannot be repeated at another school for transfer to Baylor and for use as degree credit. In addition, some departments will allow courses to be repeated only once for credit. Be sure to check in with your advisor if you fail or drop a course and need to adjust your four-year plan.

Beginning Fall 2016, courses in which a 'W' notation was assigned must also be repeated at Baylor, and courses can only be taken up to three times, and 'W' notations are included. Find out more about the new Course Repeat Policy HERE.