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Baylor BUV
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Baylor BUV

Baylor BUV is a humanitarian organization founded in August 2014. Comprised of 35 undergraduate engineering students, Baylor BUV seeks to utilize classroom knowledge as well as technical training to construct a Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV). BUVs are simple, durable, lightweight and low-cost vehicles designed for rugged landscapes and heavy payloads to facilitate communal transportation and economic growth. These vehicles provide affordable transportation to the developing community.

Our mission is to engage students in a mission-oriented project and to provide our members hands-on engineering experience within a challenging competition program. This year, our BUV team will build a BUV and enter the vehicle in the BUV Design Competition sponsored by the Institute of Affordable Transportation. To cover the expenses of such an endeavor, we are in need of financial support. We are aiming to raise $13,000 to cover the cost of tools, materials, and travel to and from the competition. Only a portion of this amount has been raised so far, but we are incredibly grateful for the support of our sponsors, for they are the foundation of this project.

Baylor BUV’s underlying goal is to win this year’s competition and have our design incorporated in the current Tanzania BUV design to improve the durability of the vehicle, increase fuel-efficiency, and reduce the cost. Over all, we hope to impact and provide hope to the developing world.

For more information, visit the Baylor BUV website.