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Student Release Form


The School of Engineering and Computer Science wants to help you find employment and/or get into graduate school.

Each fall semester, the Dean’s Office collects contact information from our junior and senior students to share with industrial partners and peer graduate schools for hiring and recruiting purposes.

Employers and other universities often contact us with requests for information about our students so that they can recruit them. If you are currently a junior or senior in engineering or computer science and are interested in having such organizations recruit you, we are seeking your permission to exchange your contact information, demographic information, and GPA with graduate schools and prospective employers.

We highly recommend you participate, as this may lead to opportunities that you would not otherwise find. For example, you may not know that most engineering and computer science Ph.D. students are supported with tuition, fees, insurance and a stipend, fellowship, or research assistantship. In your field, universities will support you while you study and conduct research for your Ph.D.