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Dr. Dennis O'Neal

Dean, School of Engineering and Computer Science


  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University (1982)
  • MS, Mechanical Engineering, Oklahoma State University (1977)
  • BS, Nuclear Engineering, Texas A&M University (1973)

Research Interests

  • HVAC Systems
  • Frost/Ice formation
  • Multiphase flows and heat transfer
  • Ventilation systems


  • Texas A&M University
    • Associate Dean for Research, College of Engineering, and Deputy Directory, Texas Engineering Experiment Station, May 2011 - August 2012
    • Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, May 2003 - April 2012
    • Faculty, Department of Mechanical Engineering, January 1983 - August 2012
  • Faculty Sabbatical, Sandia National Laboratories, July 2000 - August 2001
  • Research Staff Member, Oak Ridge National Laboratories, August 1977 - August 1980

Selected Publications

  • P. Yin*, C. Reid*, and D. L. O’Neal, “Using a Mass and Energy Balance Approach to Model the Performance of Parallel Fan-Powered Terminal Units with Fixed Airflow Fans,” ASHRAE Transactions, Vol. 122, Pt. 2, June 2016.
  • D. L. O’Neal, and J. Edmondson*, “Characterizing Air Leakage in Parallel Fan-Powered Terminal Units,” ASHRAE Transactions, Vol. 122, Pt. 1, pp. 343-353, January 2016.
  • D. O’Neal, “Development of Models to Simulate the Part-Load Performance of Oversized ECM Fan-Powered Terminal Units,” ASHRAE Transactions, Vol. 121, Pt. 2, pp. 321-333, July 2015.
  • P. Yin* and D. L. O’Neal, “Characterizing Airflow and Power of VAV Series Fan-Powered Terminal Units from Component Data – Part I”, ASHRAE Transactions, Vol. 120, Pt. 2, June 2014.
  • S. Woo*, D. O’Neal, and M. Pecht, “Reliability Design of a Reciprocating Compressor Suction Reed Valve in a Common Refrigerator Subjected to Repetitive Pressure Loads”, Engineering Failure Analysis, Vol. 17, Issue 4, pp. 979-991, June 2010.
  • R. Bassiouny* and D. O’Neal, “A Numerical Estimate of Flexible Short-tube Flow and Deformation with R-134a and R-410a”, ASHRAE Transactions, Vol. 114, Pt. 2, June 2008.
  • J. Lloyd*, D. O’Neal, and R. Hogan, “Numerical Simulation Simplifications for Coupled Natural Convection and Radiation in Small Enclosures with a Cylindrical Obstruction”, Heat Transfer Engineering, Vol. 28, No. 2, pp. 120-129, Feb. 2007.
  • Y. Ling, J.-M. Fullana, S. Popinet, and C. Josserand, “Droplet migration in a Hele-Shaw microchannel: Effect of the lubrication film on the droplet dynamics,” Physics of Fluids 28, 062001 (2016)
  • Y. Ling, S. Balachandar, and M. Parmar, “Inter-phase heat transfer and energy coupling in turbulent dispersed multiphase flows,” Physics of Fluids 28, 033304 (2016)
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  • Y. Ling, A. Haselbacher, and S. Balachandar, “Importance of unsteady contributions to force and heating for particles in compressible flows. Part 1: Modeling and analysis for shock-particle interaction,” International Journal of Multiphase Flow 37, 1026–1044 (2011)