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ECS Summer @ BU

The School of Engineering & Computer Science offers several courses during the summer terms. There are many advantages to taking summer courses:

  • Higher interaction with professors
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Easier access to high-demand courses
  • More focus and time can be placed on rigorous courses
  • Increased opportunity for students to graduate in 4 years or earlier, which could mean a significant financial gain
  • Potential for students to take lighter course loads during the fall/spring semesters, which could lead to a higher GPA and better job prospects


During Summer 2018, ECS plans to offer the following courses:

May Minimester (May 9-25):

CSI 2334 - Intro to Computer Systems


Summer I (May 29-July 2):

CSI 1430 - Intro to Computer Science I

EGR 1301 - Intro to Engineering

EGR 3305 - Social/Ethical Issues in Engineering

ME 2320 - Statics

ME 4305 - Sustainable Engineering

ME 4325 - Dynamic Systems {ONLINE}


Summer II (July 5-August 8):

CSI 1440 - Intro to Computer Science II

CSI 3130 - Intro to Java

CSI 3334 - Data Structures

CSI 3336 - Systems Programming

CSI 3371 - Software Engineering I

EGR 1302 - Engineering Analysis

ELC 2320 - Circuit Theory for Non-ECE Majors {ONLINE}

ELC 2330 - Electrical Circuit Theory {ONLINE}

ELC 4335 - Systems Modeling and Control {ONLINE}

ME 2321 - Dynamics

ME 2345 - Thermodynamics {ONLINE}

ME 3320 - Strength of Materials

ME 4345 - Heat Transfer


Please visit the Baylor Summer website for the most up-to-date schedule of classes, as well as information about tuition and housing options. Current Baylor students can contact their assigned advisor to be cleared for summer registration. Non-Baylor students can contact for more information about applying to Baylor and registering for classes.