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ECS Checkout

ECS Checkout System

Equipment is provided by the departments for students to check out, free of charge. Students wishing to check out equipment should visit the checkout room in Rogers 318.01. On your first visit, you will need to sign the Equipment Checkout Agreement. You must also follow the Rules of Use below. Fees for late, damaged, or missing equipment will be charged to your Baylor student account within two weeks.

Rules of Use


  1. Have YOUR Baylor ID card to check out. You may NOT use someone else’s card.
  2. Use equipment for its intended purpose. You will be charged for the cost of repairing damaged items.
  3. Return equipment on or before the due date printed on your receipt. Late items will incur a penalty of $5 per day.
  1. Allow items to be lost or stolen. (e.g. Don’t leave them in your car.) You will be charged for the cost of replacing the item.
  2. Leave confidential data stored in equipment memory.
  3. Make any repairs or modifications to the equipment. If you notice an issue, return the item as soon as possible.