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Engineering Capstone
Project Sponsors
Aspect Aero, Axion Structural Innovations, Behlen Country, CASPER, Delta G Designs, Lockheed Martin, Manitou Group, Marathon Norco Aerospace, MTSI - Modern Technology Solutions, Inc., Ronald McDonald House, Security Brands, Inc., Texzon, Turner Foundation, Zoofari Adventures. Previous Projects.

Contact Us

Email Professor Joseph Donndelinger for more information.

In Baylor’s School of Engineering and Computer Science, our vision is to partner with companies to provide students opportunities to experience the full process of defining engineering problems, generating design concepts, developing solid models and demonstrating physical prototypes. The experience gained in our Senior Design program transforms our students into talented and equipped prospective employees.

What We Can Offer

Interdisciplinary Teams

Within our School’s engineering programs, we have 63% mechanical, 27% electrical and computer, and 9% general engineering students. We strive to maximize the number of projects that are interdisciplinary by nature, but we also have projects that are discipline specific.

High Instructor Interaction

Discipline-specific teams may have one professor to guide them, while teams that are interdisciplinary will have both a mechanical engineering and electrical and computer engineering professor assigned to work with them. The project scope will determine the number of professors supporting the group. When a team is large, our approach is to mentor the student team leads in managerial skills to ensure that the team can divide work appropriately and perform effectively.

Fabrication Support

  • Staffed Machine Shop
  • Staffed Electronics Shop
  • 3D Print Lab: Equipped with nine printers including eight MakerBots plus a Dremel 3D40
  • Precision Manufacturing Lab: Equipped with new Laser Cutter and CNC Router
  • Student Fabrication Facilities: Each team is provided build space with basic power tools. These spaces are ideal for working with clients who are interested in protecting intellectual property developed through their work with Baylor ECS.

Project Spotlight: Emme On The Go

Below is a video from a Spring 2017 project: Emme On The Go. The main focus for this project was to give Emmeline a greater opportunity for mobility. Most power-chairs are designed for adults, and very few seats give Emmeline the support her body needs. Watch to hear more about the journey of the team through the capstone project.