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The General Engineering program is for students who desire a non-traditional, but accredited engineering education. Each student is required to choose a concentration from among five choices offered: Biomedical, Humanitarian, Environmental, Geo/Petro or a custom path. Each concentration consists of six or more classes specifically chosen from around the university to prepare students for a career in engineering. 

Engineering graduates design and implement products and systems which touch virtually every aspect of our lives. They are involved with telecommunications, computer systems, automobiles, aircraft and spacecraft, power plants, robotics, machinery of all types, medical equipment and prosthetics, home appliances, and manufacturing systems, to name a few. Many graduates continue their professional education by attending graduate school programs in engineering, law, medicine or business. The three engineering programs build on a common core of basic sciences and mathematics, humanities and social sciences, and engineering sciences developed primarily in the first two years of study. Mathematics and basic sciences provide the technical foundation for the engineering curriculum.

Hear more from Dr. David Jack's perspective on why the Baylor engineering program is different.

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