Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The BSCS degree, accredited by ABET, serves as the basis for the other degrees. The BSCS is designed for students who desire a significant concentration in upper-level computer science topics and a solid foundation in mathematics and the sciences. The BSCS degree consists of a minimum of 124 hours with 56 hours in computer science courses.


The BSCS has three tracks. These tracks share many of the same core courses but have varying elective emphasis.

  • Computer Science Concentration – The computer science concentration focuses on providing a broad survey of topics in computing. It allows a wide variety of options in advanced elective topics. The concentration provides a strong foundation for applying computing to a wide-range of areas.
  • Cybersecurity Concentration – The cybersecurity concentration provides exposure to concepts, tools, and processes related to cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities, and defensive mitigations. It combines computer science foundational coursework with both theoretical work and applied (e.g., laboratory) experiences that will ground students in the concepts, techniques, tactics, and procedures used to compromise and secure computer systems. The concentration includes courses in Introduction to Cybersecurity, Advanced Cybersecurity, Cryptology, Terrorism, and Cybersecurity Lab. Upon graduation, students will be prepared for a career in the cybersecurity industry.
  • Software Engineering Concentration – As stated in the catalog, the software engineering concentration emphasizes the methods used to produce and maintain high-quality software in a systematic, controlled and efficient manner. It combines computer science with topics more closely associated with engineering, such as quality assurance, project planning and economic tradeoffs. In addition to the core courses, the concentration requires courses in software quality assurance, software project management and engineering economics. 
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