Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering/Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering

In addition to the graduate degree programs listed above, Baylor offers undergraduate students who are near completion of their undergraduate engineering degree the option to select a dual degree track that allows up to six semester hours to be applied toward the degree requirements of both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Students will select whether to pursue a Master of Science in one of the engineering disciplines or a Master of Engineering. Both diplomas are awarded at the completion of both degree programs.

The joint undergraduate/graduate degree programs administered under Mechanical Engineering are:

  • Mechanical Engineering B.S.M.E./M.S.M.E.
  • Mechanical Engineering/Biomedical Engineering B.S.M.E./M.S.B.M.E.
  • Mechanical Engineering/Master of Engineering B.S.M.E./M.E.
  • Engineering/Biomedical Engineering B.S.E./M.S.B.M.E.
  • Engineering/Master of Engineering B.S.E./M.E.
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