Dr. Erich Baker

Dr. Erich Baker
Interim Dean, School of Engineering and Computer Science; Professor, Bioinformatics
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Interim Dean, School of Engineering and Computer Science
Professor, Bioinformatics


  • PhD, University of Tennessee (2000)
  • MS, Barry University (1996)
  • BA, University of Notre Dame (1994)
Academic Specialization: Bioinformatics

Dr. Baker continues to drive the direction of research in bioinformatics. His early background in bench science in the area of immunology, and a transformative postdoctoral position in early genome integration, with specific emphasis in computation, data integration and harmonization, gives Dr. Baker a broad background in systems biology, data management, and bioinformatics. His focus as a PI-, co-PI-, or co-investigator on several large, distributed informatics and data mining projects has been pivotal in establishing best practices in multi-domain data integration and distributed collaborations, and investigating novel algorithm approaches in exploring a diversity of omic datasets. Applications resulting from these experiences cover well-documented LIMS and data integration systems that attempt to bring the data and analytic tools of biology closer to domain experts. 




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