ECS Summer Courses

The School of Engineering & Computer Science offers several courses during the summer terms. There are many advantages to taking summer courses:

  • Courses offered at discounted rates – learn more HERE
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Easier access to high-demand courses
  • More focus and time can be placed on rigorous courses
  • Increased opportunity for students to graduate in 4 years or earlier, which could mean a significant financial gain
  • Potential for students to take lighter course loads during the fall/spring semesters, which could lead to a higher GPA and better job prospects


During Summer 2021, ECS plans to offer the following courses:

Summer I (June 1 - July 6):

CSI 1430 - Intro to Computer Science I

EGR 3305 - Social/Ethical Issues in Engineering

ME 2345 - Thermodynamics

ME 4305 - Sustainable Engineering

PRD 2101 (sections F01/F02) - Professional Development for ECS majors


Summer II (July 8 - August 11):

CSI 1402 - Intro to Programming II

CSI 1440 - Intro to Computer Science II

CSI 2350 - Discrete Structures

EGR 3302 - Technologies for Developing Countries

ELC 2320 - Circuit Theory for Non-ECE Majors

ELC 2330 - Electrical Circuit Theory

PRD 2101 (sections S01/S02) - Professional Development for ECS majors


Full Summer Term (June 1 - August 11):

CSI 3344- Introduction to Algorithms 

EGR 1301 - Introduction to Engineering

EGR 1302 - Engineering Analysis

EGR 3V95 - Internship Experience

EGR/BME/ME/ELC 4357 - Cardiovascular Engineering & Instrumentation

ME 4345 - Heat Transfer


Please visit the Baylor Summer website for the most up-to-date schedule of classes, as well as information about tuition and housing options. Current Baylor students can contact their assigned advisor to be cleared for summer registration. Incoming freshmen entering Baylor Summer 2021 and Accelerate students will be contacted by an advisor in early May to coordinate advising/registration. Students pursuing degrees at other college/universities and intending in transfer Baylor courses to their institution can contact for more information about applying to Baylor and registering for classes.

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