ECS Policies and Procedures

Meet with an Academic Advisor


Students pursuing an ECS degree must be advised every semester before gaining access to register for the following term. Advising typically begins the third week of the semester and will last through the early registration period (mid-April in the spring; mid-November in the fall). ECS advisors will invite students to make an appointment by sending them a link to the scheduling calendar. In case this e-mail is lost, the link is also available in your Navigate profile. When you log in, you will find the invitation at the top of the Home screen with a button that leads you to the scheduling calendar. The scheduling link is made available to students in order of classification (i.e. Seniors will be advised first, then juniors, sophomores, and freshmen.) All students will be given an opportunity to make an appointment before their registration date, but students are encouraged to act quickly upon receiving their link since preferred time slots may fill up fast.

All advising appointments will be conducted virtually using Zoom in Fall 2020. Students will receive a Zoom link upon scheduling an appointment. The link will also be included in the reminder e-mail (24 hours before appointment) and reminder text (1 hour before appointment). Students will be required to submit a Pre-Advising Form 24 hours in advance of their scheduled appointment. A link to this form will be included in the appointment confirmation e-mail.

Advisors will have appointments available for up to two weeks in advance, and more appointments will be added each Friday. If you are unable to find an appointment that fits your schedule, please continue to check weekly for additional times. When scheduling, please note any questions/issues you would like to discuss with your advisor (potential major change, interest in study abroad, academic support needs, summer school plans, etc.). This will help your advisor be as prepared as possible for your advising appointment.

ECS Academic Advisors are assigned by the student's last name:

A-C - Ida Jamshidi

D-K - Sarah Mosley

L-Q - Kelly Gould

R-Z - John Hewitt

Meet our ECS Undergraduate Programs team below!

Dr. Mike Thompson
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, Professor
Elaine Alsup
Undergraduate Programs Office Manager
Kelly Gould
Coordinator of New Student Recruitment
Sarah Beth Miller
Program Director of Teal Residence College
Emily Sandvall
Director of Undergraduate Programs


ECS advisors will be available virtually Monday through Thursday, 3-4 PM, for students to ask questions via Teams messages or video calls. These conversations typically include (but are not limited to) dropping a class, registration issues, study abroad plans, signing ROTC/AFROTC forms, and questions about academic resources. Due to the high volume of students who visit during Walk-in Hours, we ask that students keep the visit to 5 minutes or less. For questions that require a longer discussion, please e-mail your advisor to schedule an appointment. (See ADDITIONAL APPOINTMENTS below.)

We recommend that all students download Microsoft Teams on their computer and add the app to their iPhone or android device. You are more than welcome to message your advisor throughout the day, and we will respond during walk-in hours or as soon as possible. We will address messages and requests for video calls in the order they are received. Even though Teams is an instant messaging app, remember to always communicate professionally (with proper grammar/punctuation), just as you do with all Baylor faculty/staff. If you have a question outside of business hours (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm CT), please either e-mail your advisor or wait until business hours resume to send a Teams message.

Our advising team is eager to support you and wants to provide you with the highest quality advising experience. However, we also want to empower you to navigate resources on your own when they are easily accessible. So, we ask that you search the Baylor website and your Undergraduate Catalog before contacting your advisor with questions. If you’re not able to find the answer on your own, please reach out to us! Our hope is that we can still be very accessible, despite not being able to interact with you in person!


Classes dropped during the 'W' drop period will require you to submit a Course Drop Request Form to obtain approval from your advisor. Your advisor may ask you to have a conversation with your instructor or submit additional paperwork before approving the drop, so please allow 2-3 business days for your form to be reviewed and processed. When your form is approved, you will receive an automated e-mail indicating you have a 72-hour window to drop the approved course through Bearweb. (Note that this window of time may be shorter if your form is approved less than 72 hours before the drop deadline.) Advisors are available to discuss questions related to drops during Walk-in Hours.


If after meeting for academic advising, you find yourself in need of an additional appointment, please e-mail your assigned advisor directly with a detailed description of what you would like to discuss. Due to heavy advising loads, time slots are extremely limited, so additional appointments beyond the one required session each semester may take some time to schedule. However, every effort will be made to accommodate your appointment requests as quickly as possible. 


If you are interested in declaring an ECS major, please submit a Change of Major Request Form through Bearweb (Student Academic Services > Students Records). After submitting this form, you will be contacted by the Director of Advising to discuss eligibility for your desired major. 


If you need additional help with scheduling an appointment, you can e-mail your assigned advisor or 

Roles and Responsibilities of Students and Advisors

Effective advising in the School of Engineering & Computer Science requires a partnership between students and advisors.

Role of ECS Academic Advisors
  • Ensure that students are progressing through a fairly inflexible degree plan in a timely manner
  • Discuss students' academic progress
  • Encourage students to think about how their calling shapes their educational plans and career goals
  • Assist students with planning programs and experiences consistent with their abilities and interests
  • Discuss the relationship between academic preparation and life goals
  • Answer questions about academic policies, procedures, and degree requirements
  • Connect students with other areas of campus that can contribute resources and support toward student success
  • Encourage students to make their own decisions responsibly
Role of ECS Students
  • Prepare for academic advising appointments by:
    • Reviewing your progress on your degree plan
    • Reviewing classes offered for the next semester
    • Developing an initial schedule to bring to your advising appointment
  • Check with your advisor if you stray from the courses recommended for you to ensure you are staying on track with your degree plan
  • Becoming knowledgeable about University programs, policies, and procedures
  • Accept final responsibility for decisions
  • Notify advisor of any changes in academic plans (for example: pending transfer credit, credit by exam, summer school plans, change of major, pre-professional plans)
  • Follow through on actions identified during each advising visit
  • Participate proactively in the decision-making process
  • Notify your advisor if it becomes necessary to cancel or reschedule advising appointments
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