Pre-Engineering Requirements

Engineering Major Admission Requirements

The School of Engineering and Computer Science offers three engineering majors: Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and General Engineering. Students who wish to pursue engineering at Baylor must first meet minimum standardized test score requirements:
  • Students applying to Baylor with test scores must have earned a composite ACT/SAT score of 26/1240.
  • Students applying to Baylor without test scores will be holistically reviewed. A student's high school transcript must demonstrate a strong record of academic success. Baylor recommends that students complete 4-year units of math and 4-year units of science by the time they graduate from high school. See more information here
Application Process
  • Submit an application for admission by the stated deadlines.
  • Select a first and second choice major on the application.
  • If admitted into the university, students who qualify for Pre-Engineering will be notified in goBaylor.
  • Students who do not initially qualify for their first-choice major may continue to re-test and/or send in updated transcripts until enrolling at Baylor. However, new academic information must be processed by Undergraduate Admissions before students can register for pre-engineering courses.
Response to COVID-19 for Summer/Fall 2020 Applicants 

As testing centers across the country respond to COVID-19, it has become increasingly difficult for prospective students to complete the SAT or ACT. In light of these challenges, the School of Engineering & Computer Science is waiving the SAT/ACT entrance requirements for Pre-Engineering majors entering Summer/Fall 2020. Note that Pre-Engineering students are advised to take EGR 1301 (Intro to Engineering) in their first semester, which requires concurrent enrollment in MTH 1320 (Pre-Calculus) or higher-level math course. This standard will remain the same, and students will have the opportunity to complete the ALEKS Math Placement Exam if needed.

All entering freshman will be classified as "Pre-Engineering" majors. In order to progress to the Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, or General Engineering major, a student must earn a B or better in the introductory engineering courses, EGR 1301 and EGR 1302. In addition, students will take two math courses during the first year. All math courses require a grade of C or better. Once these conditions are met, the academic advisor will facilitate the change of major process. For more information, contact an academic advisor at

Internal Transfer Policy into Pre-Engineering

Students who wish to enter Pre-Engineering after matriculating to Baylor must earn 12 credit hours in residence and a 3.0 cumulative GPA in order to apply. Applications will be reviewed by the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs. Proficiency in math and science courses will be evaluated, as well as SAT/ACT test scores when applicable. Internal transfer students are subject to all Pre-Engineering policies and procedures.

External Transfer Policy into Pre-Engineering

All external transfer students must begin in Pre-Engineering and may only enter with a minimum 3.25 transfer GPA. They are subject to all Pre-Engineering policies and procedures. Upon entering Pre-Engineering, external transfer students who are transferring any engineering courses will be reviewed for eligibility to declare a degree-granting major. Effective Fall 2016

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