Chair's Welcome

Dear Computer Science Students,

Whether you are a returning student, new student or future student, I would like to welcome you to the Department of Computer Science! On behalf of the faculty and staff of our department, we are delighted that you have chosen Baylor University to continue your professional development in our field.

The field of Computer Science continues to drive the innovation and progress that shapes every aspect of the digital age. There are few areas of modern life that are not touched by our ability to rapidly create, consume, analyze or harness information. This has led to endless applications across  health care, business, art, technology, agriculture and entertainment, among many others. In addition, modern software engineering and data communications bring these powerful applications to each corner of the globe, making them accessible to nearly every person in the world.

From the earliest days of the computing machine to modern applications involving machine learning, data science and cybersecurity, the disciplines that contribute to our knowledge of computers have demonstrated a robust ability to adapt to the ever-changing demands of industry, research and education. We know that rigor of a career in computer science is high and your education will be never ending, but it is our commitment to you to bring you the skills necessary to thrive in these ever-changing environments. It is also our desire, as a faculty, to devote our passion for education and research to your growing love for our discipline and to do so within a caring intentionally Christian environment.

Finally, I want to remind you that if you need assistance, or have a special need during your time with us, please reach out to someone. We have highly skilled and dedicated academic advisors, a strong cadre of student mentors and tutors, a world class faculty and a staff that is second to none. In addition, my door is always open and I hope to get a chance to know each and every student as they pass through our program.




Dr. Erich J. Baker
Professor, Bioinformatics
Chair, Department of Computer Science

School of Engineering
& Computer Science
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Waco, TX 76798-7356
Computer Science
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