Entrance and Progression Standards

Pre-Engineering Major Admission Requirements

Incoming Freshmen

The School of Engineering and Computer Science offers three engineering majors: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Engineering. Students who wish to pursue engineering at Baylor will be required to begin in the non-degree-granting Pre-Engineering major. Incoming Pre-Engineering majors must be eligible to register for MTH 1321 (Calculus 1) by meeting the prerequisite established by the Department of Mathematics. Credit or concurrent enrollment in MTH 1321 is required to enroll in EGR 1301 (Introduction to Engineering). Students who are unable to qualify for MTH 1321 (Calculus 1) must declare a major other than Pre-Engineering until they are eligible to register for this course.

In order to register for MTH 1321 (Calculus 1), you must meet any ONE of the following criteria:

  1. A qualifying SAT/ACT score: RSAT math of at least 650 or SAT math of at least 630 or ACT math of at least 27;
  2. A grade of B- or better in MTH 1320 (Pre-Calculus);
  3. A score of 80 or better on the ALEKS math placement test.

To move into one of the degree-granting majors (Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, or Engineering), Pre-Engineering students must successfully complete the progression requirements below:

  • Complete EGR 1301 and EGR 1302 with a grade of "B" or better
  • Complete first-year mathematics courses (including at least one of the following courses: MTH 1321, MTH 1322, MTH 2311, or MTH 2321) with a grade of "C" or better

Students who fail to meet these progression requirements will not be allowed to continue as a Pre-Engineering major.  They will be transitioned to the "BA Undecided" major and encouraged to explore other major options at the University that may better fit their God-given strengths. For more information, contact an Academic Advisor in Engineering and Computer Science at ECS_Advising@baylor.edu.

Application Process
  • Submit an application for admission by the stated deadlines.
  • Select a first and second choice major on the application.
  • If admitted into the university, students who qualify for Pre-Engineering will be notified in goBaylor.
  • Students who do not initially qualify for their first-choice major may continue to re-test and/or send in updated transcripts until enrolling at Baylor. However, new academic information must be processed by Undergraduate Admissions before students can register for Pre-Engineering courses.

Internal Transfer Policy into Pre-Engineering

Students who wish to enter Pre-Engineering after matriculating to Baylor must earn 12 credit hours in residence and a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA in order to apply. Overall proficiency in math and science courses will be evaluated, and students must either have earned credit for or be eligible to enroll in MTH 1321 (Calculus 1).  Internal transfer students are subject to all Pre-Engineering policies and procedures. Students can submit a Change of Major Request Form through Bearweb to be reviewed for eligibility for Pre-Engineering.  The Director of Advising will review requests in accordance with the established policy.

External Transfer Policy into Pre-Engineering

All external transfer students must begin in Pre-Engineering and may only enter with a minimum 3.0 transfer GPA. Students must either have earned credit or be eligible to enroll in MTH 1321 (Calculus 1). External transfer students are subject to all Pre-Engineering policies and procedures. Upon entering Pre-Engineering, external transfer students who are transferring any engineering courses will be reviewed for eligibility to declare a degree-granting major.

Effective Fall 2022

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