Computer Science Graduate Programs

Master of Science in Computer Science

Baylor’s Master of Science in Computer Science (M.S.C.S.) is designed to provide students with greater skills in software systems.  This degree program offers students hands-on training in software systems development, including working closely with faculty members on a thesis or project.

Online Master of Science in Computer Science

Baylor University’s Master of Computer Science online degree program prepares its graduates for the highest-demand roles in software engineering, data science, and cybersecurity. Our curriculum emphasizes technical proficiency, innovative thinking, ethical considerations, and the trends shaping science and technology on a global scale.

Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science

Baylor’s PhD in Computer Science is designed for students who want to learn how to do research, and intend to continue doing research in the academy, industry, or other positions. As a student in the program, you will learn to do research through faculty mentorship (in the classroom, on projects, and in independent study). This research is built upon a breadth of knowledge of the field, provided by coursework.

Why choose Baylor? 

"The professors at Baylor are great at providing resources and input related to their specialties. I've found that getting plugged into existing projects that professors and other students are passionate about makes the transition to a research environment easier." - Vincent Bushong, USA

"My current research area is parallel execution and my advisor is Dr. Greg Speegle, who has been a great help in the project. His constant guidance and thoughts on my research has helped me to make great progress so far. Some good opportunities and facilities that Baylor provides are the Graduate Writing Center and Research Center. The Research Center provides an excellent knowledge base for my research. The Graduate Writing Center helps us to write better academic papers, especially as an international student." - Arun Sanjel, Nepal

"My assistantship work as an RA gives me hands-on experience with production-ready software, which is subject to research proposals and usage among end users. This combination gives real constraints on my work. I have the opportunity to do research in computer code analysis, publish academic papers, attend research competitions within university, and collaborate on projects from NSF or the CDC." - Jan Svacina, Czech Republic


Contact Dr. Eunjee Song, Computer Science Graduate Program Director, for more information or find out more on our Admissions page!

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