About the ASEE GSW Conference

Reimagining Engineering Education for a Changing World | March 24-26, 2021

About the Conference

The 2021 ASEE Gulf-Southwest Annual Conference will be hosted by Baylor University and held virtually March 24-26, 2021. Because of the uncertainty surrounding  COVID-19 on all of our campuses, the conference will be online. For questions about the conference, contact Dr. Ken Van Treuren.

The ASEE Gulf-Southwest Section has a rich tradition of regional engineering education conferences. As part of the ASEE Zone III, this spring conference is an excellent opportunity each year to gather educators from across Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico to explore engineering education. Encouragement and collaboration are customary at this conference. New friendships are made and new ideas formed as a result of this conference. The ASEE GSW Section is one of the more active ASEE sections.

This year the engineering education community adapted to the rapidly changing requirements imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Very quickly educators were thrust into teaching in an online environment. The challenge was not only to deliver the material in a new medium, it was also to keep our students engaged with the course and with life.  As we are facing an uncertain future, no one knows what the new “normal” will be. The 2021 conference is an opportunity to discuss the lessons learned with the transition to online education. More importantly, where do we go from here.

Theme: "Reimagining Engineering Education for a Changing World"

List of possible topics: 

  • Preparing students for new work environments
  • Online or on campus? What is in the future?
  • Distance learning - what works and what doesn't
  • Course planning for online, hybrid and F2F education
  • Learning management systems and meeting software
  • Keeping students and faculty safe
  • Mental health and classroom
  • Increasing student engagement
  • Innovations in online engineering education
  • College-industry partnerships
  • Community engagements and service-learning
  • Computers in education
  • Education research and methods
  • Outreach to community colleges and K-12
  • Design in engineering education
  • Diversity, inclusion and equity in engineering
  • Innovations in the classrooms and laboratories
  • Entreprenuership in engineering education
  • Engineering innovation and competitiveness
  • Energy conversion and conversation
  • First-year programs
  • Global sustainability
  • International programs
  • Multidisciplinary engineering
  • Active, problem and project-based learning
  • Systems engineering
  • Two-year colleges
  • Women in engineering

Bolded topics are of special interest to the conference.

Additional Information
  • The conference will be attended by faculty members, administrators, staff, professionals and students from around the United States and beyond. 
  • The conference provides opportunities for faculty members and staff to publish and present on educational projects and classroom innovations and updates. 
  • It also provides opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to publish and present their technical research. 
  • There will be monetary awards for both faculty and student paper presentations.
  • All papers will be referred and included in the ASEE PEER DOCUMENT REPOSITORY (peer.asee.org) portal for ASEE conference papers (i.e. searchable).
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