Baylor/MCC Engineering Agreement Makes Transferring Easier
February 15, 2017
Dr. Dennis O'Neal

WACO, Texas (February 15, 2017) - Students pursuing a degree in engineering can be confident in knowing classes they are taking at McLennan Community College (MCC) will successfully transfer to Baylor University thanks to the engineering-specific transfer agreement. This will take the uncertainty out of transferring from MCC to Baylor because classes they take at MCC are guaranteed to count towards a degree in electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering or general engineering at Baylor.

"This agreement brings the dream of working on the cutting edge of science and technology as an engineer within the reach of many of our residents here in the Waco area," said April Andreas, professor of engineering at MCC. "Our students can enjoy considerable financial savings at McLennan while getting the same small-classroom experience and quality instruction they're looking for. Upon transfer, they will be able to earn that prestigious Baylor degree at only a fraction of the cost."

For students to successfully declare an engineering major at Baylor, they must earn a "B" grade or higher in MCC engineering and math courses and have a 3.25 cumulative GPA. Upon completion, students can obtain their Associates of Science degree in any of MCC's six engineering fields and a Bachelor of Science degree from Baylor.

"We are delighted to enact this transfer agreement, which will benefit our engineering students who wish to attend Baylor," added Paulina Sidwell, assistant professor of engineering at MCC. "By having a transfer agreement like this, students will come to MCC knowing the classes they take with us are guaranteed to count toward their engineering degrees at Baylor. It takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of transferring, which is a huge bonus for both the students and our institutions."

The agreement sprouted from an inquiry about a digital camera on Craigslist by Sidwell. Upon meeting the owner of the camera, she discovered he was Dr. Dennis O'Neal, Dean of the School of Engineering and Computer Science at Baylor. From there, the two talked about creating the Baylor/MCC Engineering Agreement.

"This gives students in the local community the opportunity to go to MCC knowing that if they take the slate of courses and make the grades, they will have a seamless transfer into Baylor," O'Neal said. "We are so pleased to have the agreement placed now and really look forward to the future."

For more information about MCC's engineering program, contact Paulina Sidwell at or 299-8544. For information about Baylor's engineering program, contact Dr. Dennis O'Neal at
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