School of Engineering and Computer Science launches mentorship program
January 8, 2018
WACO, Texas (January 8, 2018) – Baylor’s School of Engineering and Computer Science is launching a Mentorship Program specific to students and alumni in the engineering and computer science fields. This program is accessed through the Baylor Mentor Network, an online platform that creates partnerships and drives career-related conversations between students and alumni.

Students can search for alumni by industry, expertise, location, and more. Students request to be mentored by alumni in two unique ways: long-term mentorship and short-term mentorship. Long-term mentorship is a six-month commitment, wherein mentors and mentees communicate regularly and walk through career-focused goals together. Short-term mentorship is a one-time interaction where mentees can meet with the mentor to ask a question or discuss a specific topic. Mentors and mentees interact through video chat and messaging on the platform, email, or over the phone. Once the mentorship is established, students can share their career goals with their mentor, who can then provide guidance, advice, and support for the students’ endeavors.

“Setting up a system to foster relationships between students and alumni allows students to consider and develop career goals. In rigorous degree plans, like those in engineering and computer science, it is important that students begin to develop their technical identity early in their collegiate career to help with persistence and success in the classroom,” said Dr. Mike Thompson, associate dean for undergraduate programs. “Connecting students with a professional in their specific industry benefits our students as they are able to see their degree at work and it gives them something to strive for post-graduation.”

The Mentor Network also provides a unique opportunity for alumni to give back. “Part of the reason we started this network is because we believe every Baylor alumnus has a unique story that deserves to be told,” said Jarrod Mathis, programming specialist for alumni engagement. “Stories of failure, success, years of experience, or unexpected turns in the road—whatever the case may be—these stories can help students find their path and prepare for a successful future.”

The Engineering and Computer Science Mentorship Program launches to alumni, faculty and staff on January 8. The program will be available to students on January 29. To learn more about the program contact Emily Sandvall at, Jill Anderson at, or sign up today at
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