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There is a vast, explored sea of nature just waiting for things to be discovered in it, and the science and technology needed are progressing at an exponential rate. You see, it all feeds back into itself. Someone discovers a new principle or a new theory and it’s not only new knowledge but a new instrument for seeking more knowledge. – Claude Shannon, Father of Digital Communications and Information Theory

The Engineering and Computer Science Scholars Program strives to prepare low-income, high-ability students in acquiring the knowledge, skills, experiences and motivation to join the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) workforce. 

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Benefits of the Program

  • Mentoring from faculty and staff for academic and career success
  • Empowering and supportive community
  • Career preparation and professional development
  • Research opportunities
  • Internship opportunities
  • Summer research internships including stipends
  • Academic support analytics using SSC Navigate
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Application now closed

Thank you for your interest, the ECS Scholars program is closed and will no longer be receiving new applicants. 


From the labs of Baylor Sciences Building to the borderlands in South Texas, and all around the world, Baylor professors are conducting research that is both influential and inspirational. Soon, that work will be highlighted in a brand campaign that shines a light on the ways Baylor research is forging new pathways of understanding in health, human flourishing, sciences and more.
Professor Joe Donndelinger monitors creation of one of the exhibits used in the Top Gun X National Mock Trial Competition in the Baylor University School of Engineering 3D Print Lab.
Seth Emig, president of Baylor BUV and senior engineering major, said it was a dream come true for the organization to build a BUV with and for the people in Uganda.
Baylor University has partnered with four Department of Energy laboratories and more than a dozen universities in a research alliance to address the country’s water security issues through desalination.

ECS Scholars Program

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