Meet Lindsay Lawrence

April 4, 2024

Lindsay Lawrence 

Lindsay Lawrence
Lindsay Lawrence is a senior Mechanical Engineering major from Kingwood, Texas.

How did you decide on Baylor?  

I decided on Baylor based on the Christian community and quality of education. Both of my older siblings also attended Baylor, so I was always hearing about how much they enjoyed what Baylor offered. What drew me most was the welcoming Christian community that is unlike any other college, along with the amazing traditions.

What has been your favorite ECS class and why?  

My favorite class so far has been Dynamic Systems with Dr. Jill Klentzman. I enjoyed the way she taught the class so interactively. Additionally, the projects in the class are very applicable, engaging, and fun! Dr. Klentzman always puts in extra interest for her students and how they are doing outside of class, which I think is something you can only find at Baylor. 

Thus far, which professor or staff member has meant the most to you and why?   

I think that Dr. Anne Spence has meant the most to me because of how supportive she is of women in engineering. Whether it be a failure or a success, she is always there to encourage me and give good advice.

What has your experience with student organizations been like?

I have been involved with Society of Women Engineers (SWE) in various officer positions from my freshman year and have loved getting to know the other girls better. Whether it was asking advice from an upperclassman about a class, or doing tabling with underclassmen, I was able to make connections and be part of an awesome organization. I am also the Secretary for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers where I help communicate to members information over what is going on in the organization. Being part of ECS organizations has made me feel more connected to the school and help build better relationships with my peers!

Have you had meaningful internships or jobs?

Last summer I interned with Novanta in Bedford, Massachusetts, which was an awesome opportunity! I found the internship at the SWE conference in Houston. During my summer with Novanta, I worked as a manufacturing research and development intern, helping to optimize and improve their assembly line for resonant scanners.

During my senior year, I have been an ECS Ambassador where I help give tours to prospective students and families. I love getting to meet the students and offer my knowledge and experience at Baylor’s School of Engineering and Computer Science!

What’s next after graduation?  

My career goals are to enter the manufacturing field, where hopefully I can work on helping optimizing solutions! My plan is to stay in Texas and start working in industry.