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Mr. John Miller
Mr. John Miller
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Senior Lecturer and Assistant Chair, Electrical & Computer Engineering

BSECE, Baylor University (2009)
MSECE, Baylor University (2009)

Academic Specialization: Digital Audio Systems, Engineering Laboratory Skill Development, First Year Student Success

  • EGR 1301 - Introduction to Engineering
  • EGR 1302 - Introduction to Engineering Analysis
  • ECE 2337 - Digital Logic Design Lab
  • ECE 3430 - Electrical Circuit Theory
  • ECE 3414 - Electronics Design Lab
  • ECE 4332 - Automatic Control Systems Lab
Research Interests:
  • Dynamic Equations on Time Scales
  • Small Scale Energy Systems
  • Appropriate Technology
  • Engineering Laboratory Skills Development

Time Scales is a branch of mathematics which seeks to unify and extend mathematical theory that has been developed for discrete and continuous time domains. Thus, this new mathematical framework is particularly suited for mixed analog/digital systems. Mr. Miller is interested in the application of new mathematical techniques to engineering problems.

Small scale energy systems is another area of interest with two main application foci. The first application is in developed countries and includes topics like renewable energy sources and smart grid interface technologies. The other application focuses on developing countries.

According to a 2002 International Energy Agency (IEA) study, there are 1.6 billion people who do not have access to electricity. One way to combat this problem is by introducing small scale, easily maintainable, culturally acceptable energy systems using renewable energy sources, such as micro-hydro or solar photovoltaic. These types of projects also fall under the umbrella of appropriate technology. Two other major aspects of these projects are the ability to involve students (even early in their academic careers) and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in conjunction with meeting practical needs.