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The field of Computer Science continues to drive the innovation and progress that shapes every aspect of the digital age. There are few areas of modern life that are not touched by our ability to rapidly create, consume, analyze or harness information. This has led to endless applications across health care, business, art, technology, agriculture, and entertainment, among many others.




Engineering and Computer Science students have an opportunity to participate in innovative engineering applications alongside dedicated faculty members.

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Jun. 10, 2022
Courtney Hodge
Meet Courtney, a Data Science and Secondary Spanish major (with a history minor) from Newport News, Virginia
May 10, 2022
Amazon software development engineer Dipta Das shares his experience with Baylor Computer Science Master's program
Dipta Das, MSCS ’21, provides an international perspective on Baylor Computer Science and entering the U.S. workplace.
Feb. 3, 2021
Mary Lauren Benton, Ph.D., Gives Insight to her Newly Published Article on the Influence of Evolutionary History on Human Health and Disease
Tools of innovation, science and technology look to the future. To fully understand problems of now and in the future, however, history cannot be ignored. Mary Lauren Benton, Ph.D., assistant professor of bioinformatics, brings those worlds together in her research to solve the biggest mystery of all – the human genome.
Nov. 18, 2020
Pablo Rivas, Ph.D., Discusses His New Book on Deep Learning within Artificial Intelligence and the Ethical Concerns it Brings
Most adults have experienced what it's like to apply for credit, whether through a bank or credit card company. What many may have not considered is the work that goes on behind the scenes to make an approval decision within minutes. That work is done by computer scientists who have studied in the field of deep learning. In his new book, Pablo Rivas, Ph.D., said he wanted to write a book about deep learning that has the right balance of theory and practice for a beginner’s audience.
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